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In August 2010 Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in association with the Municipal Development Partnership for Eastern and Southern Africa (MDP-ESA) launched a new program on Good Financial Governance in Eastern and Southern Africa. The Program seeks contribute to good financial governance, accountability, and transparency in African countries by strengthening the capacities of regional organizations, national and sub-national public institutions in the area of public finance management (PFM). This is done through provision of training, regional workshops (for regional exchange of best practices and experiences), peer and blended learning and networking among officials from different countries with similar responsibilities.

One of the objectives of the training is to establish a network of professionals and institutions that are interested in sharing knowledge and experiences on local finance management. It is a fact that many professionals across the African continent do not have easy access to emerging knowledge and innovations in their fields of specialization. As observed by the World Bank Institute, many professionals struggle with problems similar to their peers in other countries but have no platform to connect with each other and get feedback on their issues and concerns.  Participants who have participated in the Local Finance Management program share this concern and have expressed the need to establish a Network on Local Finance Management to foster the sharing of knowledge, good practices and innovations as well as experiences and lessons.

It is against this background that a network for Local Finance Managers is being launched. It is launched with the following advantages in mind:

  1. Building the solidarity among national and local institutions that are interested in promoting good financial governance as a tool for improving service delivery and fighting poverty
  2. Promoting peer-to-peer (south-south) learning among officials from different countries with similar responsibilities, specifically to share innovations and knowledge  in local finance management
  3. Strengthening professionalism capacity in local finance management in Africa and in the process fostering advocating and lobbying for sound policies in local government financing.

The network will reach out to the following  target groups:

  1. Ministries responsible for decentralization and local government
  2. Ministries of Finance
  3. National Planning Authorities
  4. Sector ministries involved in service at local level
  5. Local Government Authorities
  6. National Associations of Local Government Authorities
  7. NGOs and CBOs
  8. Universities, Research and Training Institutions
  9. Development Agencies interested in improving service delivery and poverty reduction and
  10. Individuals dedicated to promotion of good governance in Africa

The network will be based on the following principles: (a) Shared vision; (b) Transparency; (c) Respect for each other; (d) Solidarity; and (e) communication.

The network will be moderated by MDP-ESA and closely monitored by GIZ

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