Thursday, 27 Oct 2016
The Municipal Development Partnership Services PDF Print E-mail

The Municipal Development Partnership (MDP) aims at enabling effective self-governance at the local level in Sub-Saharan Africa. It promotes alternative development approaches to problems and issues that affect local authorities by placing emphasis on ownership and direct participation of key stakeholders.


MDP aims to enable and support decentralization, strengthen the capacity of local governments to deliver services and ensure development at local level as a vehicle for improving quality of life of local communities. In this way, MDP strives to build strong partnerships and use its comparative advantage, to turn local governments and related institutions into responsive and accountable institutions for effective development.


MDPESA offers the following services:


  1. Direct Support to Municipalities

  2. Training and Capacity Building

  3. Decentralised Cooperation

  4. Knowledge Management

  5. Policy Research





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